Casinos are in the top of social networks

According to SuperData Research study, in 2013 casino revenues in social networks and mobile platforms worldwide amounted to USD 2.9 billion. By 2015, this figure will rise to USD 4.4 billion. In 2014, Russian market volume in this segment reached USD 45-50 million and experts estimate that by 2015 it may increase by a third.

Casino users in social networks make 13% of all players of social networks, but two years ago, the figure was 25%. However, the revenues of developers continue to grow by increasing the average check in the game. Confirming the trend of transition from the desktop to the tablets, the number of casino players on mobile platforms is growing faster than in social networks on the "big screen". On average, a tablet user spends twice as much as a player on the PC, so the transition to portable devices allows the market to grow faster. For example, within the period from November to December of the previous year, top 10 world casinos in social networks on the PC reduced their revenues from USD 45.3 million to USD 42.5 million, and mobile casinos, on the contrary, increased their revenues from USD 41.7 million to USD 51.5 million.

 According to Igor Klyukin, a leading analyst of Pixonic, the gambling brings good income to Russian social networks. "For example, the social poker is among top applications for casual games on Odnoklassniki. According to our estimates, such applications make about RUB 20 million per month, therewith the social network takes away RUB 10 million. The daily audience of casino applications in social networks equals to approximately 300 thousand persons, 80% of whom are men," Klyukin said.

 "Worldwide, over the last year the share of social casinos players in relation to the total number of mobile and social games players dropped from 17.4% to 12.6%, but due to the high average check the revenues in this segment increased," Eugene Kochubeev, a head of  publishing direction at KamaGames, said. "In Russia, the situation is the same. Games of this particular type are in the top of most profitable applications on mobile platforms."According to Kochubeev, every year the audience of mobile gaming is growing faster than the audience of social networks and the share of revenues from mobile games is growing. "We believe that the revenues of social and mobile casinos in Russia in 2014 will have reached USD 45-50 million, and in 2015 they will grow by a third," the representative of KamaGames said.

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